• Prepare monthly, quarterly, and/or annual financial statements.
  • Produce statements promptly, when you need them.
  • Explain information in the statements so you can make informed decisions.
  • Prepare corporate financial statements and tax returns (T2’s).
  • Prepare compilation or “Notice to Reader” financial statements from
  • financial information provided solely by you. I do not check or verify this information.


Corporate tax planning is where you really save taxes. By constantly updating my knowledge of current tax changes, I can provide you with the best possible corporate tax planning advice.

  • I provide the following corporate tax planning services:
    Combine your corporate and personal tax plans to reduce your total taxes.


  • Apply current changes to the Income Tax Act to update your corporate and personal tax plans.


  • Claim the maximum allowable tax credits, deductions, and elections available.


  • Research special tax credits and programs that apply to your specific circumstances.


  • Advice on incorporating proprietorships and partnerships.


  • Ensure assets get the most advantageous tax treatment on transfer to a corporation.


Individuals often pay too much tax when they miss deductions available to them. By continually updating my tax knowledge, I ensure you pay the lowest taxes you are legally required to pay.

I provide the following personal tax planning services:

  • Prepare tax returns for your entire family (to make use of deductions among family members, thus reducing family tax).


  • Ensure you claim all deductions, tax credits, and tax deferrals.


  • Ensure you access all disability plans, grants, and rebates available to you.


  • Prepare self-employment income statements – for proprietors to report taxable income on their personal tax returns (T1’s).


  • Ensure self-employed individuals claim all deductions, reserves, and elections available (e.g. depreciation, motor vehicle expenses, office-in-home, etc.) to reduce their taxable income thus reducing personal taxes.


  • Set up new accounting systems for proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.


  • Provide full-cycle bookkeeping on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis.


  • Track and complete GST and PST filings.


  • Payroll; file monthly CRA remittances, WCB returns, T4’s and T4 summaries.


  • Advise on hiring employees versus contractors.


  • Plan your estate to protect your assets and the ones you love – now and in the years to come.


  • Structure your estate plan to ensure minimum tax is paid.


  • Ensure any donation bequests get the maximum tax relief.


  • Research each change to the Income Tax Act and update your estate plan accordingly.